English Sermons 英文證道錄音

English Sermons
2024-4-7 Doug Martin Defining Discipleship
2024-3-24 Rick Bell Improving Your Vision
2024-3-17 Jared Raby The God Who Sees
2024-3-10 George Clark Dead or Alive
2024-3-3 Doug Martin Growing in Faith in the Household of God
2024-2-18 Joe Kappel Surviving the Storm
2024-2-4 Doug Martin Fighting and Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles
2024-1-28 Derek Griz Seek Wisdom Like Treasure
2024-1-21 Jared Raby Running the Race
2024-1-14 Joe Kappel Persevere in Prayer
2024-1-7 Doug Martin What's Your Plan for 2024?
2023-12-31 George Clark The Unopened Gift
2023-12-17 Doug Martin What are you Wearing for Christmas?
2023-12-10 George Clark I am Convinced
2023-12-3 Jared Raby How God Works
2023-11-19 Doug Martin Attitude of Gratitude
2023-11-12 Derek Griz Anointed Worship
2023-11-5 Doug Martin What You Need to Know About the End Times
2023-10-29 Rick Bell Faith and Its Reward
2023-10-22 Derek Griz More Than Meets the Eye
2023-10-15 Joe Kappel The Mystery of Christ
2023-10-08 Xiaobing Liu To Bear Fruit, Remain in the Vine
2023-09-23 Jared Raby Seeking True Treasure
2023-09-17 Doug Martin How Will You Spend Your Life?
2023-09-10 Fong-Yuen Ding Lessons of Trusting the Lord
2023-09-03 Joe Kappel Counsel for Kids and Parents
2023-08-27 Fong-Yuen Ding Hold on to Faith, Love, and Hope, and Follow Jesus
2023-08-20 Doug Martin Live Your Best Life
2023-08-06 Chunlei Su Peace in the Middle of the Storm
2023-07-30 Xiaobing Liu Good and Faithful Servant
2023-07-23 Jie Zhuang Firstfruits
2023-07-16 Fong-Yuen Ding Faith and Salvation
2023-07-09 Chee Chia Our Father
2023-07-02 Jun Wang Two Different Ways, Two Different Destinations
2023-06-25 Fong-Yuen Ding A Response of Thanksgiving
2023-06-18 Chunlei Su Noah's Ark and the Tower of Babel
2023-06-04 Jingsong Huang Listening and Doing
2023-05-21 Fong-Yuen Ding Having Jesus as the Lord, listening & doing the Word
2023-05-14 Doug Martin The Power of Choice
2023-05-07 Chee Chia A Tribute to Godly Mothers and Women
2023-04-30 Derek Griz What Defiles a Person
2023-04-16 Derek Griz The Dangers of Manmade Traditions
2023-04-02 Doug Martin When Faith Goes Public
2023-03-26 Jared Raby Get Some Rest
2023-03-19 Kunlun Hong Deal With Failure Wisely
2023-03-12 Chee Chia Rejoice and Be Happy in All Circumstances
2023-03-05 Joe Kappel Life in the Spirit
2023-02-26 Fong-Yuen Ding Imitating of God
2023-02-19 Doug Martin Unrecognized Characteristics of Jesus That Makes Most People Uncomfortable
2023-02-12 Jared Raby How to Walk Into Church
2023-02-05 Joe Kappel Pray Like This
2023-01-29 Fong-Yuen Ding Living on the Word of God
2023-01-15 Doug Martin Questions Every Christian WILL face and MUST Answer For Spiritual Growth in The New Year
2023-1-8 Fong-Yuen Ding Identifying With Jesus
2023-1-1 Joe Kappel The Gift of Love
2022-12-25 Weichang Zhao The Coming of Jesus Christ from Heaven
2022-12-18 Doug Martin More than a Baby in a Manger
2022-12-11 Derek Griz Life in God
2022-12-04 Joe Kappel Miracle of Advent
2022-11-20 Chee Chia Chee Chia-Love, Humility, and Unity in Christ
2022-11-13 Doug Martin Thanksgiving: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
2022-11-06 Xiaobing Liu Inheritance in Heaven
2022-10-30 Jared Raby Great Things (Psalm 126)
2022-10-16 Fong-Yuen Ding A Kernel of Wheat
2022-10-09 Doug Martin What Do You See?
2022-10-02 Joe Kappel Wisdom Cries Out
2022-09-25 Xiaobing Liu What we can Learn from Moses
2022-09-18 Fong-Yuen Ding John message series – Jesus Christ, the Son of God
2022-09-11 Jie Huang The Lord’s Rebuke -The Eight Woes of The Pharisees
2022-09-04 Doug Martin The Standard Christian Life
2022-08-28 Kunlun Hong Sharpen Your Discernment
2022-08-21 Xiaoqin Guo Look Ahead Like Moses - the Faith of Moses
2022-08-14 Derek Griz The Blessed Life
2022-08-7 Doug Martin Youth - Waste or Opportunity
2022-07-31 Chee Chia Living a Successful Christian Life
2022-07-24 Kunlun Hong You are on God's Mind
2022-07-17 Chunlei Su Jesus - Our Perfect Role Model
2022-07-10 Fong-Yuen Ding The Good Shepherd Dies For the Sheep
2022-06-26 Jun Wang Put Your Hope in God
2022-06-19 Chee Chia Honor Your Father and Mother
2022-06-12 Peter Kung Assurance of Salvation — Through the Study of Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity Sundays
2022-06-05 Xiaobing Liu What we can Learn from Joseph
2022-05-29 Fong-Yuen Ding Confession and Growth
2022-05-22 Fong-Yuen Ding Son of God Gives Freedom
2022-05-15 Ryan Tan Our Eyes are on You
2022-05-08 Doug Martin Making Sense of Your Walk of Faith
2022-05-01 Joe Kappel When I am Afraid
2022-04-24 Jared Raby Count it All Joy